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Legislative reference: DM 14/01/2008

Article. 2, paragraph 3, of the OPCM 3274/2003 establishes that “it is obligatory to proceed with verification, to be carried out by the respective owners, public and private, both of the buildings of strategic interest and of the infrastructural works whose functionality during the events seismics is of fundamental importance for the purposes of civil protection, both of buildings and infrastructure works that can take on relevance in relation to the consequences of a possible collapse ”. Only works constructed or adapted under the seismic regulations issued after 1984 and on the condition that they are located in areas for which the seismic classification is not more severe than when they were designed or adapted are excluded from this obligation. In particular, paragraph 3 of the art. 2 of the aforementioned ordinance prescribes the obligation for the individual owners of seismic verification of the buildings and the works themselves.

The law requires that the seismic verification must ascertain the level of adequacy of the work with respect to the standards defined by the technical standards in force (DM 14/01/2008).

At the end of the verification, in the event that the work is not fully able to withstand the seismic action levels envisaged by the current regulations, it will be necessary to calibrate the individual situations in relation to the severity of the inadequacy, the consequences, the financial resources and the implications in terms of public safety. The owners or managers of the individual works will define the most suitable provision, possibly identifying one or more levels of the actions, commensurate with the remaining nominal life and the use class, with respect to which it is necessary to carry out the work to increase safety within a set time.

The law requires that the seismic verification must ascertain the level of adequacy of the work with respect to the standards defined by the current technical standards (DM 14/01/2008), and not only identify (through the compilation of parametric information sheets) the construction type and the possible vulnerabilities in a qualitative way.

Self-certification for travel

Model updated on 18.05.2020

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Business protocol of April 24, 2020

STEP 2: TOGETHER we prepare the restart of your company in SAFETY

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Safety Management System Certification according to UNI ISO 45001: 2018

The deadline for migrating the system from BS OHSAS 18001 to UNI ISO 45001 has been extended to 11 September 2021

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CONAI periodic declaration

Next deadline: April 20, 2020 (no extensions are foreseen)

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Postponement of the ISI INAIL Call

The new calendar will be published by May 31, 2020.

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