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Energy Diagnosis


Renewal by 05 December 2019

On December 05, 2019 the deadlines for the renewal of the Energy Diagnosis expire, mandatory every 4 years for the companies that the Legislative Decree 102 of 04.07.2014 defines as obliged subjects, ie large companies and energy-intensive businesses.

Energy diagnosis is a systematic procedure aimed at obtaining an adequate knowledge of the energy consumption profile of a building or group of buildings, of an industrial or commercial activity or plant or of public or private services, and to identify and quantify the opportunities of cost-effective energy savings.

Subjects obliged to Energy Diagnosis

Energy Diagnosis is mandatory for two types of industrial organizations:
• Large companies: companies that employ more than 250 employees or have an annual turnover exceeding 50 million euros or an annual budget of over 43 million euros (also applies to all investee companies).
• Energy-intensive companies:
- use of at least 2.4 GWh of electricity in the reference year;
- ratio between actual cost of electricity and turnover of at least 2%;
- a prevailing Ateco code referring to manufacturing activity.

Energy audits are excluded from the obligation every 4 years, but they are not exempt from the obligation to send it to ENEA, companies with the EMAS, ISO 50001 or ISO 14001 voluntary management system, including a diagnosis that complies with the requirements of the All. 2 of Legislative Decree 102/2014.

The obliged companies that do not carry out the energy diagnosis are subject to a pecuniary administrative sanction from 2,000 euros to 40,000 euros.

The sanction does not exempt from making the diagnosis.

From July 2016, energy audits must be performed by experts in energy management (EGE) certified according to UNI CEI 11339 by accredited bodies, or by energy auditors (Ae) qualified according to UNI CEI EN 162475: 2015.

Self-certification for travel

Model updated on 18.05.2020

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Business protocol of April 24, 2020

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Safety Management System Certification according to UNI ISO 45001: 2018

The deadline for migrating the system from BS OHSAS 18001 to UNI ISO 45001 has been extended to 11 September 2021

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CONAI periodic declaration

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Postponement of the ISI INAIL Call

The new calendar will be published by May 31, 2020.

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